Brownies / July 10th, 2024

Wyvernwood Takeover

Written by Jodie Harvey

As girls and women of all ages made their way under the canopy of mystical trees to the park entrance, the air was electric with excitement. Fairy wings, unicorn horns, glitter, and tutus adorned many of the young people who were being transported to the enchanted kingdom to meet the characters who lived there.


The day began with a magical story told by Princess Arabella, the Captain and the Wizard around a giant sculpted dragon, expertly crafted from an old oak tree. Rainbows and leaders alike loved hearing how the Kingdom of Wyvernwood came to existence, especially due to the dragon puppets, the Wizard’s jokes, and the recurring “Yes Captain” salutes. With the excitement built from the opening story, the units were split into smaller groups: Dragons, Unicorns, Wizards, and Fairies.


The first adventurers began at the Castle Grounds, where a bouncy pillow, Go-Karts, sandpits, and playgrounds resembling castles and ships kept them occupied for a long time. Screams and giggles erupted throughout the day from the many different play areas, confirming the excitement and fun that the Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, and even leaders were having.


After some lunch and a quick stop at the face-painting stations, the groups then made their way around the Well-being Woods. After walking through an enormous poppy field, they began singing campfire songs, including ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes’, ‘Old MacDonald’, and ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’. The energy from the playgrounds was maintained, with Tina excellently leading the girls in the songs, and even a few dance moves!


Stops at the Captain’s Campsite and Wizard’s Domain allowed for more playtime and crafts. Each unit received materials to make a magical compass, an envelope of fairy dust, and a magic wand. These crafts kept the magic alive throughout the day and provided the girls with fun souvenirs to take home! There were also more play areas at these locations, with swinging hammocks and den-building being the main attractions.


After another walk back through the woods to the Castle Grounds, the girls made their way to the Secret Fairy Garden. Two unicorns greeted everyone as they entered the garden and met the two fairies. The girls were challenged with figuring out the code to the box at the next station with the clue “Twit Twoo”, then each girl was given a handful of rose petals to blow and make a wish on, before exiting the fairy garden. With another short story from the Captain and Wizard, the girls’ day was ending.


Wyvernwood’s magic surely created an enchanting day for the participants and leaders alike. With an affirmative answer to being asked if everyone had a good day, and a life-sized dragon bidding goodbye, the day drew to a close. Thank you to the incredible team who put together a fun, action-packed day for all of the girls, and even helped the leaders witness a little magic!

Photos of the day can be found here